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15 dead at festival accident during 4minute’s performance



Article: "Why did they go up on the vents?" the dangerous scene of the Pangyo festival

Dispatch via Naver

During 4minute’s performance, the crowd climbed up on the vents, causing it to collapse. 20 fell 10 meters into the basement below. 15 are reported dead and 10 are severely injured. 

1. [+7,659, -360] Don’t climb something they tell you not to climb ㅡㅡ

2. [+6,305, -310] I mean logically thinking, why would you climb up on that..

3. [+5,905, -190] Can’t blame anyone… the vents are obviously for ventilation so people should logically know not to climb up on it and the festival hosts are also at fault for not controlling such a large crowd… Rest in peace

4. [+4,207, -358] So sad… Died trying to see a singer ㅠㅠ

5. [+1,116, -52] You can’t blame the security staff when you’re the one who climbed something you weren’t supposed to to see a celebrity. I’m pretty sure they were given proper warning not to climb up on it, what do people want more?

6. [+775, -24] I’m sure 4minute must feel uncomfortable even though it’s not their fault…

7. [+540, -18] Why would you get up on there ㅜㅜ All to see a celebrity… so sad ㅜㅜ

8. [+464, -69] This is not 4minute’s fault. I’m worried for the lives that were lost but they were at fault for climbing something they shouldn’t have. I hope they reflect in a better place.



Article4minute reps, “We were not aware of the accident… we are all upset” [official statement]

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+9,825, -212] Why would 4minute be at fault…

2. [+8,417, -209] 4minute is not at fault.. They’re not the festival hosts

3. [+5,053, -78] Upsetting.. May they rest in peace

4. [+3,711, -57] Rest in peace

5. [+548, -25] Can’t imagine 4minute’s shock ㅠㅠ They probably feel guilty

6. [+525, -17] Why does this girl group keep being mentioned when they have nothing to do with the accident? It’s the fault of the people who chose to climb something they shouldn’t as well as the festival for not controlling the crowd.

7. [+454, -9] It’s not 4minute’s fault… They just keep being mentioned because the accident happened during their stage.

8. [+406, -12] The shock they must feel right now..


check your fucking information for christ’s sake